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When his pain is about to cease
There is apprehension, always nervous
Need to hold on
Readiness to let go

From where he arrives
There shall he returns
The pain now slowly passing
Every muscle ~ collapses

Around him, there are other kinds of pain
Borne out of love,
Deep within their hearts they weave
Messages of peace and surrender
To the Will Of The Great

For an instant , there is acceptance
That once this pain ceases
There shall be no grieve , only thanks
For it is better than to be

Yet, the time has arrived and after it does
Acceptance to not grieve
Buries itself with sorrow
Untamed of hearts
Start to weep

Stories shall unfold
No secrets to be told
When the pain is there
All is opened for all to see

Life is short but then living is not to be
What is to be taught to our young ones
That all that live cannot be forever
It is the way life is, you’ve learnt it ~ life cycle
Does not end with birth or finish with adulthood
Life cycle, dear child, ends with death

With this end, the pain finally ceases to tease
Nothing else can be done
Except to let him go in peace

Sleepless hearts, no
Send him off
His life was complete

Dedicated to my late uncle who passed away yesterday. And missing all those who went before him. Miss you too Dad.