Childhoodspeech Is Back At Top Spot On Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Within 24 hours after announcing that “Childhoodspeech is now on Facebook”, the website climbed up rankings on major search engines to win back the No. 1 spot. . I don’t know much about Search Engine Optimisation but I know I […]

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Childhoodspeech Is Now On Facebook!

Breaking News! We finally have our Facebook page. And even more good news is, we have a fanpage with our own URL. Yes!!! Why Does It Take So Long? You may be asking me now, why does it take me […]

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Kids’ Thinking Skills Are Valuable

I always learn new things about kids when I am teaching them. I learnt that kids’ thinking skills are valuable. Recognise and acknowledge their skill at thinking, and you will gain their co-operation and participation.

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R.I.P. Mr. Robin Williams – Depression And Your Child

I wish Mr. Robin Williams had come to Asia to share his life with us. He would have felt the love we have for him and his work. The chance of him feeling loved and wanted by the rest of […]

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Child Development And Computer Technology

Technology to me was modern home appliances which was the washing machine, television and telephone. I used the computer only in school,which started when I was about 19 years old.

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POSB/DBS iBanking Going Singlish? PayLah!

What is PayLah? To add a ‘Lah’ after a word, usually a verb or an action word, is characteristic of Singlish, the version of English most Singaporeans use. Here is what PayLah service is all about. Singlish is unique to […]

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I Am Sorry Mummy

“I Am Sorry Mummy” It can be disheartening if your child does not apologise for mistakes. But what if the so called mistake is a Genuine Mistake. In many cases for a child, they are genuine mistake. If you don’t […]

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