Child Development And Computer Technology

Technology to me was modern home appliances which was the washing machine, television and telephone. I used the computer only in school,which started when I was about 19 years old.

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Kids’ Thinking Skills Are Valuable

I always learn new things about kids when I am teaching them. I learnt that kids’ thinking skills are valuable. Recognise and acknowledge their skill at thinking, and you will gain their co-operation and participation.

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POSB/DBS iBanking Going Singlish? PayLah!

What is PayLah? To add a ‘Lah’ after a word, usually a verb or an action word, is characteristic of Singlish, the version of English most Singaporeans use. Here is what PayLah service is all about. Singlish is unique to Singaporeans but why use it in a banking service?

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I Am Sorry Mummy

“I Am Sorry Mummy” It can be disheartening if your child does not apologise for mistakes. But what if the so called mistake is a Genuine Mistake. In many cases for a child, they are genuine mistake. If you don’t recognise it, you are in for a lot of problem because you will handling it as if the child knows what he is doing IS wrong.

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Learn Han Yu Pin Yin First Then Read Chinese? 要真正的掌握华文是不是应先学习拼音

Some people say that in order to master Mandarin language, the only way is to first learn Han Yu Pin Yin. I disagree with this viewpoint. Let’s talk about using the dictionary as a point of discussion. 要真正的掌握华文,唯一的办法就是要先学习拼音。我不赞成这观点。就从查字典的角度来谈吧。

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