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It’s the release of the Primary School Leaving Exit Cert. The childhood period is entering a new phase, the preteens and teenage years.  Today, many children will be deciding which secondary school they are going to choose based on their results. It will be an exciting day because you will be talking about the future and remembering the past on this day. You will be celebrating and at the same time, worrying about what to do next.  Therefore, do remember to move on. There are great things awaiting you and your children on the other side.

In the meantime, let me share this with you. Do you know why we keep old thoughts? It is because when we were young, we saw how our parents always wear the same clothing and ride the same motorbike to work. We used the same telephone, washing machine and toilet. We brush the same teeth, wash the same face and clean the same room. For years, we didn’t see our parents throw away things until they are useless or broken. After they had bought new things, they talk about how long they had the old ones. They say these things had been around before you were born.


Download free ebook.

Download free ebook.

Consequently, when you start seeing old things in your house and you do not throw them away, you may constantly be thinking of how else you can make them look new again. You hoard old thoughts.

Set your children free from their primary years. Don’t dwell on the negative experiences that might have taken place in those 6 years. Make no demands on them to do better in Secondary school. They will love you for your support. If you’ve not been there for them, start listening to them again. If you have been too lenient to them, start being serious about yourself. It’s not about them, it’s about the grown ups. Parenting is the journey, growing up is the ride. They still have lots of growing up to do.