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Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

What is your first outburst of joy and laughter for the day? Usually, it is after you have a big breakfast or a hearty meal. Even months after you have visited your favourite restaurant, you will still talk about the food and people you met then. Little children are even able to ask for their favourite meal at pre-school age. Speaking with your belly is the most important method to get started with language.

But how do you teach yourself a foreign language with your belly?
Keeping it real, use simple short phrases and sentences in no more than 4 words. Why 4 words? It helps to strengthen your vocabulary and improve grammar skills.

Translate these words in as many languages as you like in the foreign language you want to learn:

eat, food, I want to eat, I have to eat, I love to eat, Where to eat?, What to eat? How to eat? May we eat now? Please eat. Have you eaten? What are you eating?


Keep the phrase or sentences to no more than 4 words. Do not worry about sentence structure.


Practise this as often as possible. Want, love, eat, please, thank you. Do not add type of food or name of restaurants, it’ll happen in conversations, not when you are still in the process of self-study.