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All the characteristics modulations of languages are best acquired at a young age, preferably under the age of 7 years. If you are already interested to have your child speak more than 1 langauge, then do not postpone his language development such as to replace it with music and sports. Even if the child does not use the language at all in adulthood, the training of movement for spoken language will condition the nerves such as to help overcome imperfections characteristics of the speech of a foreigner.

It is not a matter of interest as it is a matter of growth and development, and speech skill is one of them. If the child is not ready to learn more than one language, he should be exposed to listening to songs and nursery rhymes in a foreign language. There are also food items around the house which are named in English, like taco, tortilla, curry or kuah bao; and in a normal household, food items with foreign names are commonly stored these days. As often as possible, pronounce these foreign names in the exact way a foreign native would to stimulate the auditory and motor channels of spoken languages. It is a gift which we can all afford to give to a child.