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10 weeks ago, I was still in Australia enjoying summer vacation. When I arrived back home, I received a phone call from my daughter’s Mandarin tutor. She spoke to me in English with a very heavy Mandarin accent, “Hello! Is your daughter coming to register for this term’s new programme?” Instantly, I replied, “I am sorry, I won’t be.” She sounded very surprised but did not ask for any reasons.


It was the right decision I made for my daughter’s education. She passed her Mandarin tests with no extra tuition, extra hours of learning in a prepared environment. We studied together, went through her homework and had regular conversation sessions to keep pace with her school programme. She also has a caring Mandarin teacher at school. She does have the best of both worlds.


I found that the center did not get the best out of my daughter as a student while she was learning there. So to help others like me who have to send their kids to learning centres, here are two basic guidelines:


1. Atmosphere –


Do you feel welcome by tutors and students alike when you arrive for the first time?
Is there proper orientation of the programmes before you start classses?
Can you find people to discuss your issues with learning as parent or student?

2. Quality –


Are there learning materials that help you with the learning programme?
Can the tutors pay equal attention if learning is conducted as a group?
Can you ask questions related to previous sessions?
Does your child keep asking the same questions after attending the class?

Most importantly, know what type of learning pattern your child has. Keep observing not checking or monitoring for progress. A child learns best when there is love and happiness in the environment.


I had written a post on How To Provide A Learning Environment on November 4th 2008. It is now March 2009. She did it! I hope you have a chance to read the post. If you have any concerns or questions, please leave your questions here by clicking on the comments.


I am now teaching online Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu and English. Do feel free to enquire for options to run a class for kids online.


And do not forget to get your Course. It is so worth it.