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If something so natural as speaking takes 2 years for a child to do, speaking a foreign language may take a longer time for an adult. Unless you understand the power of speech your mother tongue has given you, your hidden potentials will remain untapped and unused.

The language that you can ever become fluent and proficient is still your mother tongue. Although my preferred language is English, I usually end up using my mother tongue when I put my daughter to bed or when I have to discipline her. At first, it was weird because I felt my subconscious will take over when I want to connect with my daughter.

When we talk about food, games, homework or music, I will automatically speak in a non-native language that we both can understand.

Listen and playback your subconscious thoughts as if your mother or father is talking. You will feel a surge of emotional, mental and spiritual connection with the language that has been living in you since birth. This is your native language which we call mother tongue. Your mother tongue gives you the power to work.

What is this power, you might ask and how does it help you?

As a child, we frequently asked our parents the same question every day, “Mum, what are you cooking?”, “Can I have a snack now? ” “Would you like to eat now?” You might not realise that you spoke more to your parents than they did to you. You absorb information and details of your environment faster than your parents could dare to offer. “Go to bed. it is late. Turn the computer off. Stop watching television.”

You were hungry for more experience with the environment, yet parents have the knack of omitting your desires. So much so, now you might have forgotten how to learn like a child.

The experience with the environment gives you power because you create a wealth of knowledge by experience. When you take action, you will gain the power to create more work. The child’s work involves having experience with the environment. He is not paid to work. As long as he feels growth, he knows he is working. When he sings a song, he is exercising his potentials. Repeating the exercise makes him grow strong.

The power he receives is hidden in his unlimited potentials. Once you can tap these potentials, the child begins his or her work. This is the power that drives the child to shamelessly pursue his knowledge.

Let’s talk the adults. When you find difficulty working on a certain project, you may say, “I have never been a good writer at school.” “I wish I had paid more attention at school.” “I should have studied this course.” It is common for an adult to wish he had experienced this or that as a child. That is because, with the experience, he will have the power to do something with the hidden potential and keep moving.

This power was first fashioned when you learn to speak your native tongue, not a preferred, second, or third language. The mother tongue is not taught to the child; it is acquired.

Parent give information to their children, who watch, listen and figure out what to do. The child has work to do. This is the power of Childhoodspeech(R)

The only way we are able to speak a language so well without school is by receiving the power to engine the development of grammar, vocabulary and language skills in our subconscious. This power comes from people who connect with us since birth, primarily our parents.