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一本书从手中传过时, 感觉二手抱着平稳而不容置喙地姿态接受我的诚意, 到底她会用到吗? 站在她旁边的母亲耳闻目睹, 随口一句:”说谢谢Ms Hanifa. 她读小三,这可以用到。” 孩子低声说谢谢,眼睛望着我的脸部,却不敢对着我说话。 她是学生, 家长做决定, 无法和家长进行谈判。 在我身边才几个月, 舍得忘掉自己是主人, 希望二手能认真读进去,要么就完全没人用到。知识收藏着会变成无价的财物, 用了才算是自己的。

Passed this down to another person who may need it. It’s all right to let go of a book you don’t read or need. Knowledge is only yours if you use it. The child accepts and softly thanks me for it. Her mother stands beside her, beckoning her to do so. I wonder if I have done the right thing. She’s the student , yet her mother has decided these are the books she may need. Such is the pressure the education system had put upon our shoulders. We unwillingly accept to take over the weight because we think of our kids’ future. We argue with ourselves if what we do is the right or wrong. At the thought of what the future might bring with an extra book in hand, we soften. I’ve have seen parents yielding to the pressures. In such a small world that we live in, we let ourselves think too much, too soon and too early of our children’s future. Has this book been written to help, support or lighten the load of our students? I truly wonder. Because the child does not seem excited to receive it.

I shall pass it down anyway. We own the knowledge if we share it. When you give away anything, that thing then belongs to you.