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Australian Crystalized Ginger

Australian Crystalized Ginger

When I first visited Australia, I was pleasantly surprised and amused at how different English sounds.

All along, we are taught to pronounce our English like it is the only way it is suppose to be. Australian accent is so different I could hardly understand a word especially when they speak so fast. I have to keep asking them to speak slower so I can understand what they are saying.

My Aussie friends used to ask me, “So have you learnt any Aussie words yet?” I said, “Is there such a thing called Aussie words. Do you mean Aussie slang? Like Bloody H…” And they laughed.

The formal greeting for Australians I suppose is ‘Good day mate.” Can’t they just say it like, “How are you?” I suppose if you happen to bump into someone who just had a bad at work, it is rude to be asking ‘how do you do, right.’ “Good day mate.” appeals to me.

When I answer the telephone, the person at the other end doesn’t say, “Hello Annie, how are you?” Instead, they say, “How is it going, Annie?” You can imagine what my respond was to that right. “Going where? Oh, you mean how am I doing today?”

Saying goodbye is “See You Later!” No matter if they DO see you later or not.

“No worries” mean so many things including, “Don’t bother asking anymore cus I am tired of helping.”

While in Sydney, my husband had parked our car on a hilly road. The door swung open wide when I tried to step out from my seat. “Hey, there are so many slopes here.” Just then a Chinese driver was in front of us parking his car too. My husband laughed and quietly said, “You can’t say ‘slopes’ here. You know the ‘eyebrows’?” How was I to know!

How about food? I can’t quite understand still when food tastes great, you say, “That is so lovely and beautiful.” I turned around looking for a sexy girl. And the idea of gourmet food is actually just baked dinner or barbeque food. Now my idea of gourmet food is exotic spicy Asian cuisine. (If you wish to get some australian crystalised ginger, you may do so by clicking here.)

Weather. Favourite topic. I live in tropical urban island, not much to talk about except, showers, occasional thunderstorms, humidity and temperatures ranging between 23 to 33 deg celsius all year round. My experience with mother nature, very limiting but I enjoy not having to think where to store winter clothings.

Aussie favourite


Singer: Jimmy Barnes

Word: See You Later (if you say ;Bye ,,,, its sounds too babyish,)

Aussie hero: the late Steve Irwin. Favourite Food: Tuna Mornay (Homemade recipe).

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