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Dear Friends,

Ok I am back again. What have I discovered in the last 2 hours? This is my report on my hands-on journey through changing or tweaking with a new WordPress theme. Like I have mentioned previously, the theme I was using does not support WordPress 2.8.4, hence the change.

1.I do not have to change the font sizes anymore. Previously, I spent so much time to get the text to a readable format. For every post, I spent half my time entering .html just to get the layout right. What a chore. I do not have to do any html changes to get the right readable font size this time. Yeah!

2. I learnt that I could actually edit between themes on the editing page, a feature I did not realise exist on wordpress dashboard. How nifty! So I managed to get most of the sidebar widgets uploaded in no time through cut and paste method.

Inside the admin panel, editor mode.

Inside the admin panel, editor mode.

3. Usually on the editing mode, I should be able to see the ‘edit this’ link on my post. Not with this theme. I suppose I have to find a ’solution’ to that one so I can get inside my admin via my post right away. For those who do not understand what this means, never mind.  I have to note it down for reference.

4. I have wanted to use this design because it offers me to use my own logo on the header. So I tried to upload my own image;

Childhoodspeech Logo

Yet nothing appeared. So I am really quite frustrated at this point. Let’s just say, the reason is someone has taken time to design this logo and I haven’t been able to use on my website yet. This theme did offer the promise. After loading the picture, I see nothing. That’s a bumper.

5. I actually did learn about “tabber”, you know the ones you see on the right hand side of your screen. It looks like a little shelve, whenever you click on a heading, out comes every detail of the posts attached to that heading. It is pretty nifty, enjoyed it totally.

Screen_07 Aug. 14 14.03

To understand how to change it, I pretty much use my common sense logic about computer programming text jargons if you like. See anything to do with input – output, must have an open and a close command. So if you start with <div> you must end with </div>, and if you use <h2> you need </h2>, one opens and the other closes. Sound easy? No not actually, no one is ever like the other person, even if they are identical twins. I have done some computer programming in college but that was like 20 odd years ago. It was different but there was a lesson I learnt about algorithm, never try writing your own! Use common sense logic, if it does not work, take it out of the equation and start again fresh. These days, all wordpress themes come with ‘edit ready’ css and php editing features, and loaded with the commands ready to use. You do not have to do much unless like me you enjoy decorating your home.

6. Ok. At the top of the screen, you would see a row of categories, which I know need tidying up because a friend pointed out to me that it appears too cluttered. Ok I am getting there. As soon as I get my head out of the box of posting more tips, I will start spring cleaning my category archive. OK. Things to do: Category……

Screen_08 Aug. 14 14.05

7. No subpages! What a bumper! I thought I could do with subpages on a wordpress theme. I suppose the category listing suffices.

8. A few things to do: Google connect and Social Homes. Guys, I have not forgotten my friends. So this is another one thing to be done. You are the reason I am still writing. So I will get to that part ASAP. (This is also Malay word called SMOKE. In English, it is as soon as possible.)

9. I am opening my site for advertisers. You can definitely be assured that I am not abandoning the project for one. I have good traffic and loyal readers. So if you want to help me help you, contact me and we shall arrange for your ad on my blog in no time. Here’s how you can reach me. If I do see you as spam, the best thing for me to do is to ignore your message.  Fair is fair. You are just wasting your precious moment submitting your details.

10. Sign in for your tips. I send my students lessons every week. If you haven’t done it yet and would love to learn how to master two languages (English and Mandarin) go ahead, sign up now. I have spent more than 40 years living this experience; you can be assured you are not learning from a newbie.

Sign up now for your tips on learning English and Mandarin

11. Looks like everything is ready-to-go. If you don’t understand any of the above notes, do not worry. I was there once. It’s the kind of language or lingo that bloggers or writers with self-hosted wordpress sites would relate to.

This is Succcess With Languages

This is