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Dot Com Reality Check

Before I go rambling on about google video craze, there are 3 posts here which I highly recommend you to read as well.

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I spoke about the prepared environment and blog address. The posts also refer to the evolution of the internet as the new history of childhood prepared environment. It is easy to do that, create history I mean. Television commercials, international news network and even regular primetime talk shows, nowadays, WILL invite viewers to their website for more details or information. “Just log on to our website, www dot blahblah dot com”.

Children know this by heart and I mean it not by sight, by heart! There is a contrast between an email address and a site. Email: [email protected]; Wesbite: The contrast is of course www and @.

Granted there are other web addresses that do not end with .com, like .ca, .net, .org. Kids as young as 5 are more than capable of intelligibly knowing this difference. One is email and another website. I am saying this not as a mere passing comment, but stating a fact. My daughter knows the difference and can even log on to a website or search for sites she wants without supervision since she was 4! I know a blogger on Blogcatalog who is from Australia who is the same. His name is Andrew Knight. I do chase down success stories of talented people who have worked so hard since their childhood. One other person on this site is Jesse Cook. Get his album The Frontiers.

Kids at school are given computer games in the canteen for web surfing experience. Libraries have multi-media counters for visitors to browse the internet. Even without a computer at home, grandparents watch the movies at home and can read web addresses on the cover. Dot com is everywhere. You cannot miss it any more than you can miss the light switches in your house. You know the switches are there, and if you are so willing, you just need to come right up and turn it on.

Can You Handle Google Video Craze?

Email, mobile phones and www addresses are not just a vehicle for the world to get connected. I stumbled upon Google video today and yes I have to tell you, my mind is going crazy. They are capable of linking every major video streams in the world. Here is a tip for bloggers, if you embed a video of another user on your website, your site is linked as one of the related videos. That is how you can get traffic as well. It is your chance to get linked out. No other sites can do a much better job than that!

I am one of billion users of the internet who would just go wow with what technology brings to us. Imagine this, if you have more than 100 MB to upload, you can upload from your desktop!! You can literally watch 100% the entire full hour Discovery Channel on! Who needs plasma television at home after this? Plasma television costs no less than $2,000 whereas you can get an internet connection on a 2nd hand Windows XP worth less than $800/-. Just buy me a personal laptop for Thanksgiving and I will stop fighting with you over my favourite channels on the television. Watch in peace!!

The user dashboard or control panel allows you to view your uploads like your gmail account. So if you are already a regular user of the google gmail, it is second nature. I have uploaded a google video today. It came on live indexed on google search almost immediately after.

Video Playback

Your videos can be viewed full screen or window fit. Google do not place their logo ON your video. The logo is placed on the bottom right hand corner of the screen together with the rest of the user buttons. Nifty!!

I thought it was over after I discovered video chat on gmail and google flue trends. What is next Google?