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Way back in 2005, the global network was already talking about how the poor would profit from using the mobile banking network using the phone-banking. This tool, the telephone, is not just a tool, it is people’s lifeline. Without it, you may even think the world has forgotten of your existence.

Fast forward to 2008, companies are investing on ‘high-speed infrastructure’ using this tool as to stream videos on the internet. Sure, this is an obvious business marketing tactic to capture the world’s mobile and internet users. The cables are laid, the emails are registered, the domain names are paid for, and the phone line is live. If you are not interested in it, others would and they already have. Why? You can now capture videos on your mobile phones, so why not stream them on the internet from your mobile phones!

Roy Shelton, CEO of Next2Friends states, “Our friends, our family, our co-workers, our colleagues are becoming more and more mobile these days and have a need and a desire to be in touch with their friends and their colleagues to share real time information from their places of interest.”

The mobile phone is as I have said my lifeline. I have not registered a landline and do not have a wrist watch. The mobile phone is the only way I communicate with my family; it has become my time clock, waking me up with an alarm set to my liking. I have internet access, so I use skype as a substitute to the landline.

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As a trained teacher of Montessori Method of Education, I have managed to apply the methos to everyday life. Even when talking about prepared social environment on the internet, the term “prepared environment” was coined by Montessori. The components that I look for are:


  • The internet is already loaded with information that we want to avoid stumbling upon. Having the liberty of throwing out what you do not like the gallery of pictures, videos and blogs is most desired. The thing is not to develop a Facebook Addiction. So what if you have added 1,000 contacts on the list and no one talks to you? Bigger is not better.

  • We are social beings which can only reach out and touch one another by really getting in touch. The internet can only give us access to a social environment, it cannot create development of community life.

Structure and order:

  • Do you know why some people love Google while others like MSN and Yahoo? They enjoy structure and order for their browsing experience. When a website is cluttered with advertisements and information, it is difficult to get started to work. When I see so many videos and really disgusting comments posted without any attempt to edit from the webmaster, it creates an impression of a chaotic world which the webmaster supports. I get turned off, leave and never return. YouTube is one of them!

Reality and nature:

  • The aesthetic quality of atmosphere and interactions within the community life render the social member an experience which will send you shouting out to the rooftops to get others to notice. That is what attracts people to watch a good movie over and over again. When streaming videos from the mobile phone, what you see is real and unedited; the feel for reality in not in the graphics but in the modulations of sounds and voices which go with the movements of the people in the videos.

Beauty and atmosphere:

  • The atmosphere is progressive and energetic; it will take numbers maybe 1 million members to feel an explosion of energy; but it takes only a handful of people to experience the progressiveness of a community.

Development of community life:

  • An analogy might help your understand. Doesn’t mean you shake hands with everyone in the party means you have a social community. It is like having a blog and no one is visiting or reading it. The development of community life itself has to be sustainable and controlled. This is the most important component as it brings together our natural and prepared environment together to make it part of our life. You must feel at home and be able to bring your family and kids into it without feeling apprehensive of the exposure they get.

Based on the components of beauty and atmosphere, and development of community life, Childhoodspeeech votes for Next2Friends. Here are 3 sites which are dedicated to the call of streaming videos from mobile phones: Qik , ; Kyte ; Next2Friends. For the full blog with Roy Shelton, CEO of Next2Friends, you may have to sign up first as the site is due to go public on December 26, 2008..