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The Teenager #Childhoodspeech

If I was to find the period of childhood that gave me the most memories, I would say it was my teenage years. It is funny to see my old photos when I was at that age. My friends tell me I have not changed a bit. I still look the same. lol The body is going to grow...

Latest Ebook Parenting Pearls

More than 12 years ago, I had a problem with my childbirth. It was a major ceasarian operation. After 9 months of placenta privia, it was a certainly a big sigh of relief to see my daughter safe and well . I chose to spend time with her as soon as I could. I did...

I Am Sorry Mummy

“I Am Sorry Mummy” It can be disheartening if your child does not apologise for mistakes. But what if the so called mistake is a Genuine Mistake. In many cases for a child, they are genuine mistake. If you don’t recognise it, you are in for a lot of problem because you will handling it as if the child knows what he is doing IS wrong.

Lessons On Gratification

Do you know how being grateful can lead to true success? Something happened to me yesterday which gave me a whole new perspective towards gratification. It is not just about having a list of things you are grateful for, it is more than that.