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If I was to find the period of childhood that gave me the most memories, I would say it was my teenage years. It is funny to see my old photos when I was at that age. My friends tell me I have not changed a bit. I still look the same. lol

The body is going to grow even more. My daughter told me that her glasses are feeling a little too tight for her now. I am guessing her face is growing bigger as she is still growing, so probably we have to look for a new frame. The only part of the human body that does not change throughout our lifetime is our pair of eyes. For the day we were born till the death do we part ways in this life, the shape and size of our eyes remain the same. Thus, eyes are the windows of our soul.

Beautiful as a flower ready to come fully bloomed. Enjoy the beauty of nature as it
transforms before your very eyes. – Hanifa K. Cook #‎childhoodspeech 2008

How complicated does it have to be?
Take it from the point of natural transformation,
Protect its beauty,
Keep it in a vase or let them grow in the soils
It always lead us to the direction of light
The stems get longer,
The bud gets bigger
Then it blooms
You have a beautiful flower in your home

Teenagers are not wedges of our lives.

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Here is what I do. I work with people to empower their journey with language of life. I am a polyglot, who speaks 4 languages for nearly 50 years. Using the right language in self-talk is key to transform and change the way you look at yourself and your situation. I became more successful because I went through a journey of self-discovery and truth. I can teach you Mandarin and then transform your way of learning languages as well as teach you how to see things brighter and bigger.

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