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Have you tried any of the tips I have written on this weblog or website? If you have not, you really have to get started or my efforts will go in vain. Ok, let’s see. You have to decide one thing: you either need tip or advice. I need to clarify.

Difference Between Advice And Tips

A piece of advice helps you overcome an obstacle in your personal journey of learning or accomplishing a goal. You may choose to agree or disagree with the advice based on what you know from the past experience and previous knowledge of the matter. In this regard, you may also seek second or third opinion about the advice, because deciding what’s good or bad will affect your future. Advice requires both emotional and psychological decisions, with not logical expectations for what’s about to happen or will happen in future.

Once you take the advice, and somehow it does not work, sometimes you will not only hate yourself for listening to the advice in the first place. There is aching feeling when you realise you have followed a wrong advice. You suddenly feel alone and your problem is still not solved.

On the other hand, one will often always appreciate tips. This is simply because tip is that extra 10% that you do not have. You get tips only from experts, professionals or just someone who has been practising the act over and over again to a level of perfection. You will find that tips can be used to become a skill and once you apply good tips, you will experience a forward spiral as if you are exonerated from a condition of plateau.

The best thing about tips is that they are also risk free because you can see for yourself what the result is before you ask how it is done. For instance, you can see when people swim the breast stroke better than you, you may want to know how it is done. Or you interested in reducing your golf handicap, so you read about tips for this purpose. You do not seek advice, you look for tips.

Tips response to questions that begin with How or How-to, not what about or what if.

Tips can be told and sold whereas advice is often always given for free.

There can be bad or wrong advice, because whoever gives these sort of advices are not willing to give away their best tips and do want you to fail or falter.

Sign Up For Your Tips

Now that I have explained the difference between advice and tips, let’s ask this question again. Everything that has been written on this blog, previous to this post, is all about tips on learning and self-development to improve your language skills. Have you put these tips to the test? In order to succeed, you have to start using these tips. Otherwise you will never understand where the mistakes are coming from or how to improve on those tips to make it useful and workable for you! You cannot give up on tips, you have to give them a thought or a try. That is what tips are for.

So sign up now for your tips on English and Mandarin. Go for it.