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Here are 3 acronyms which can be words with real meaning in a language.

1. BRA

Business Representative Agreement

Imagine this scenario. A lady executive sends the above message to her business associate who is a male. The male executive’s wife happen to read this on his mobile phone. What would she be thinking next? Your guess is good as mine.

2. PLN

This is Indonesia’s state-run power firm, PT  Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN).


But in cyberspace, PLN stands for Professional Learning Network.



3. PUB

In Singapore, PUB is the acronym for Public Utilities Board.

In English, the PUB is not an acronym. The pub is a place where alcoholic drinks are sold to social drinkers.

Pub where drinks such as these are sold to social drinkers above the legal age.