What Language Should You Speak To Your Pre-School Child, If You Know More Than One Language?

No matter how many languages my child can speak, she will only be at peace with speaking the languages her parents understands the most. It brings me back to the home where I grew up. My parents do not speak English, so we only speak Malay to them because we know they understand this language and therefore will understand us.

A Demonstration Of Resilience, Not Intelligence

When a child fails to produce good results, it is but a demonstration of her/his inability to engage with her/his environment using her/his natural potential. To say that the child is not intelligent is daylight robbery of her/his personal dignity. Even the humblest of creatures can show signs of intelligence. (Maria Montessori, the Absorbent Mind.)

Companionship, Respect, Love and Admiration

The final form of human society is based on organisation. However, without written rules and regulations, how can society of children organise itself? This article investigates on society of cohesion from the aspect of organisation. Kids are more than ready Read More …