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My child is not slow My child is the fastest to reach me.

My child is not slow
My child is the fastest to reach me.

My Child Is Slow.

Do not listen to anyone or yourself even if you seem to think so yourself. Your child was amongst the fastest to find his or her way into the mother’s womb. Take it from me. It is relative term. Relative to the number of students in the classroom, relative the number of chapters covered in the textbook and relative to the deadline the exam schedule set by the school.

One parent told me, my child is slow.

Is that slow in listening, talking or writing?

I wanted to know. So I spoke to the child. I discovered she is a careful listener.

My daughter’s Maths teacher told me my daughter was slow.

When I tested her, I discovered she couldn’t see Mathematics if it was taught to her in abstract language. I made it a point to read Mathematics with her.

How Do I See Education?

Education is a life long journey that is broken up into successive milestones.

Then each milestone is further broken up into stepping stones.

Each stepping stones are placed a distance apart.

The stepping stones are there for you to know where your next step is. (The textbooks, schedules, timetable..etc.) The longer the distance, the more steps you have to take.

– Hanifa K. Cook


In Mathematics, you can learn to simplify right? So the more steps you take, the easier it is for you to understand how many stones you can miss without stepping on them. 

What The Parents Say At The Facebook Group iPostForParents

What parents are saying at iPostforParents Group on facebook.

What parents are saying at iPostforParents Group on Facebook. Join in the discussion. This group is created for parents only. We discuss personal development in parenting and business.

What Is Parenting Like For Me?

My first teacher on parenting is my single and unmarried self. If that person wants to go out for a drink with a friend, the parent in me says, ” I can’t. I have to look after my daughter. ” If that person wants to spend an extra 10 minutes facing the mirror to finish combing my hair, the housewife says, “Later, go and pick up the laundry before the rain falls. ” Everything I want to get done instinctively for survival, I respond by intuition. It is sometimes impulsive , at times, so scattered I feel proud that I can be silly.

In iPostForParents group, we have some truly amazing parents and very successful individuals. We don’t seek counsel with one another on what parenting is or isn’t. Family is a living culture. This culture changes with time, aspirations and dreams. You move to more beautiful homes when you better off. You eat at restaurants when you can afford to. Then when you’re tired of work, you take your family on a holiday.

I love my parenting journey. Because there is a rainbow I can ride in. At the end of the rainbow is the place we call home. Nobody will ever judge you for being a good parent.

The first business of any parent is to provide for their children. That’s about it. The slightest deviation from our basic intuitive nature will send us off course. A slight turn of your dial in the wrong direction will move you along a different track, sometimes a beaten one.

Stay close and be intimate with your family because your children are in it.

Personal development takes on a new meaning. Not based on merit. No qualification required. And you don’t need a degree to raise a child. You need wisdom and experience.

My Child Is Not Slow

My child is not slow. My child is the fastest to reach me even before I knew who she or he is.

– Hanifa K. Cook