4 Key Points To Remember To Be Bilingual

In my last post, I wrote about How To Be Bilingual. If you have been speaking or trying to speak two languages, you may not feel confident enough because people comment on your heavy foreign accent. Here are some basic rules you can follow once you feel ready to speak a second or third language […]

Tip On How To Be Bilingual

You don’t necessarily have to speak two languages fluently to think like a bilingual person. Unless you have been living ‘seperti katak di bawah tempurong‘ or ‘like frogs in a well’ or 坐井观天,you would probably not have taken any notice of the foreign word you can already find in your environment. The labels on your […]

Learn Modulation Of Language

There are a few techniques used by teachers, salespersons, actors, actresses, news presenters and singers to make their performance interesting to their listeners, viewers or audience. It is the way they give pitch to their voice and intonate their speeches that makes us listen with interest. This technique is called modulating the voice so our […]

Prepared learning environment filled with love and dedication

10 weeks ago, I was still in Australia enjoying summer vacation. When I arrived back home, I received a phone call from my daughter’s Mandarin tutor. She spoke to me in English with a very heavy Mandarin accent, “Hello! Is your daughter coming to register for this term’s new programme?” Instantly, I replied, “I am […]

Basics To Good Spoken Language: Pitch and Intonate

The essence of good spoken language skills are twofolds. The first is intonation and the second is modulation of language. In this post, we will discuss intonation, with regard to the art of speaking clearly rather than the style of expression and choice of words, which is commonly referred to as diction. Understanding Of Intonation […]

Developing Good Listening Habits Part 2

Here are some basic ways you can achieve good listening habits: Shut down outside stimuli by taking down notes even if you do not have to. Look at the speaker even if you are ready to respond. Even if you have downloaded 6 free lessons, John Reese’s or Frank Kern’s traffic videos, pen to paper, […]

Developing Good Listening Habit Part 1

Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following questions Have you attended a court hearing, listened to a proceeding and disagreed with the verdict? Have you been served the wrong menu at a restaurant, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut or even taken to wrong destination on a London cab? Have you become so furious with people who don’t […]