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Singlish, A Brand Of English Language Of Singaporeans, Is Better Than NO English

Singapore is well-known for many things, one of which is ‘Singlish’, a term used to describe a unique brand of English spoken by the general Singaporeans. For Singaporeans, we speak and hear Singlish all the time; it is pointless to ridicule natives for not being to manage speaking English properly. What are schools for if […]

What Children Say About Race, Relationship and Friendship

These two videos against racism in Petronas, Malaysia are not new. It is not unusual for Asians to talk about race publicly. But it has become very difficult to raise awareness against racism, the discrimination amongst races. So when you have kids to talk to us about what race means, you will soon realise that […]

The Infamous 7-Words Sentence: Asking Permission To Go To The Toilet

Finally, it is time for me to leave the wonderful world of teaching in the classroom to blogging about it. What better way to start of than by talking about something so simple and yet can be so impossible to teach than the infamous 7 words sentence kindergarten kids just have to ask, permission to […]

5 Signs That Your Child Is Disinterested In Learning A 2nd Language

Language learning is a life long journey. Based on own personal experience as a parent / tutor of a multi-lingual kid, I can tell you 10 signs your child may be disinterested in learning a 2nd language.

Thoughts That Do Not Need Language

There can be mental activity even when we are not talking. Here are four types of thoughts that do not demand the use of language: 1. Daydreaming: It depends on the mind to create Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Home Study Course and visualise images. Artists paint what their minds tell them to paint. When people […]

8 Ways To Creativity If Schools Potentially Kill It (1)

About a month ago, I posted a video which discusses creativity in schools. The topic of the video was “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” This is part 1 of my thoughts on this topic. Homeschooling And Education Well often when we talk about our present education system, we will bring up our own schooling experience. We […]

Child Learns In Silence #inspiremonday

This is just how we started learning from our teachers and parents. We peer through the hands that feed us and watch how every single stroke of the word gets written on paper. In our very own mind, we create impressions of what eventually become the memory ready to be retrieved whenever the images strike […]