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Learning out loud is a great way to bounce back knowledge that comes into your head. Kids figure out quickly that being loud does not necessary have to mean about sounds. Bright and gaudy colours are loud.

If used as a figure of speech, ‘loud’ takes a different meaning. When something comes to you as distinct and vivid, your consciousness breaks out to the open space and you start to notice, remember and take charge of the learning process that is taking place. What a smart kid you are!

Have you ever wondered how you became such a smart kid? Ok let me tell you about other children and maybe you can reflect it back upon yourself. Children, they learn out loud. They sing, dance, cry, laugh, run and do all sorts of activities with their hands, legs and bodies, just to actually experience the knowledge from within. We know that because we see them grow around us. But what makes them grow?

One of the best of all organs that they use very effectively is their sense of hearing. They beckon sounds to come to them, with their watchful eyes and eager bodies. Touch this, smell that, squeeze those, tap them, knock it off! I have been with kids all my life because I have 22 cousins, mum has 14 siblings, and dad had 7! My family lived with neighbours who came from different walks of life. We were poor but we were lucky. We learned out loud through interchange of culture. They learned my language and I learned to speak theirs.

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Don’t we all wish to go back to the times when our childhood fed our hunger to learn. Everything then was simpler and broken into steps. If something appeared complex, we solved them with our little hand and feet, making a mess but we create order in our learning faculties. “Hey I discovered if I turn the tap far enough, more water will flow out the tap.” “Daryl, turn off the shower and get out. You’re wasting water!” Everything around the house and our environment are taller than us, so we learned about the use of the stool to get taller, steps on the staircase to reach higher and to tiptoe to reach out to the sky. We demonstrated tremendous ability to absorb… and we continue to absorb and construct knowledge.

Alas! We grow to become responsible member of our family and community. We have to go to work. One has to pay the bills. Soon, learning becomes a chore. BUT we were smart kids, and we have not let the smartness get away. So we use the radio, television, internet, magazines and other people’s knowledge to feed us knowledge about our world. The child in us have not stopped growing; it is still talking to us. “Get up and get brilliant today. Finish that breakfast, go out and face that mean old world. Tell it that you are not beaten.” There are times, when we could almost drop dead in the middle of the road as the going gets tough. But the tough kid keeps talking to us. Others cheer us on. Our wives, husbands, kids and pictures of our travels on the wall, speak to us in kind words like how our parents and teachers used to do when we were ye high.

So what are you waiting for. Get up and learn out loud. You do not have to even lift a finger to get started. Lessons on languages, business, success, philosophy, over 10,000 books are all available. Learn for free audio and video of everything you ever wanted to learn, or if you so inclined, get personal copies. You are a smart kid!