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I have been working for the past two days trying to add new pages using my old theme. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term WordPress Theme, let me just explain a little. If you are looking for a new apartment to move into, you will probably want to study the floor plan: size of rooms, living space, kitchen and how you might fit in all your history of collections from your present home, including your pet dog, kids and children. Well for writers like myself who would write on her own blog and publish it on the internet, the theme is what we use to organise our thoughts in print. It is like a virtual real estate, if it pleases some to describe it as so.

So back to wordpress. It is a brand of real estate agency that helps web writers or publishers. They provide free themes like this one which I am using. There are a lot of technical jargons to learn before one really understands what website building is all about. By the time you think you have understand everything you need, you may have given up trying to have a hand at creating a website. It is a pain in the neck.

Ok, so why am I grunting? There is need now for me to include more content between pages, a bit like your folder on a subdirectory in the computer. I just can’t do it with this theme that I am using. So I am still spending more hours looking for a theme to suit the need of this weblog.

Alright, so it is either I go on rambling or I keep searching. And I am not a programmer, how should i make the subpages to appear? The pain in my neck is growing more painful. But I am urged to serve my ego than to leave in humility that I should just stick to writing and forget about finding WordPress theme that suits this weblog.

In the meatime, I am celebrating my 90th post and will be more than ready to help. Follow this link to search for blogs to read.