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I always have lots of topics to blog and talk about. But during this period of national mourning on the passing of Singapore’s first Prime Minister Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, I feel totally numb. My heart is welling up with tears, ready to burst out crying. We knew the day would come.

I have always loved his take on using language as key to educate our minds. I have wanted to give up on Mandarin but for my daughter’s sake I had to continue. The late Mr Lee showed me through his book Keeping Mandarin Alive that it’s never too difficult if you have the conviction to learn. I thought he started learning as a child. No. he did it as an adult.

We insisted on 听写。。。madness! We have teachers who are teaching in completely Chinese Schools and they don’t want to use any English to teach English-speaking children Chinese! Turn them off completely.

“Why don’t you teach your daughter yourself since you know Mandarin ?”

Each time I got a job, I just could not keep it. I was told I was not a good team player. On another occasion, I was told the company needed only ethnic Chinese teachers. I do not seem to fit in anywhere.

Someone asked me, “Why don’t you teach your daughter yourself since you know Mandarin ?” It was not that easy. I was actually reluctant because I needed money to pay for her education. But I took that route , I started to teach her, learn about the language from her textbooks. Then we were overseas and resources were scarce.

12 years later and I finally understood why I was stuck in that frame of mind and could not work full time. I had to discover a way to teach Mandarin using the English language.

I teach Mandarin Chinese for business adults and students. My daughter continues to take this language as her second language also. This is me. I teach Mandarin – Chinese and  personal development in parenting and business. I am also a published author .