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It has been a few weeks since my last post. That’s because we are on vacation in Australia. It is great to arrive in November because spring is still in season. The flowers have bloomed, the weather is cool and the bea

ches are not busy because the kids are still at school. A week went past after our arrival on the 5th November 2009 and I did not miss the internet. Well not until I realised I had to pay my bills! No internet! How am I supposed to make payment? Australia is big continent and one of the world’s most advanced nations. Yet, the internet connections in many residential areas in Central Coast are still so slow, you may as well just go back to using the telephone or text messaging using the mobile phones? 3G technology works very well but why would you want to pay to get connected for a chat on facebook or twitter on the mobile phone. Text messaging is quite expensive too. 39 cents per text message on a prepaid card!

Anyway, we’ve finally got internet connection so I can now manage to update my blog. It is not all that great either as the connection is very slow. I have just entered my first 140 characters on twitter and I have not been able to update it for the next 30 minutes. That’s frustrating. It’s not Virgin Broadband that’s slowing down the connection. I do not think it is. Yet, one can’t help but feel it is not cool to be Virgin when you really need faster internet connection speed. Apart from the internet being frustratingly slow here at central coast, the vacation has been great so far.