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One of the questions posted today on my Google Language Group is about closing an email.

Can anyone suggest a good closing for e-mails. I’ve been using “Thanks”, which is kind of lame since I don’t always have any reason to be thanking.

It seems that most people use “regards” and I find it quite pleasant when I receive it, but I doesn’t fit my personality for some reason. It may just be the fact that everyone else is doing it.

Can anyone suggest some less common?

I guess the trend is away from any salutation or closing. But there are many occasions where something is needed.

Thanks (here I’m thanking in advance for all the help I will be receiving.)



To which I responded:

When I was in school, I was taught to write letters. The same
principle of closing my letters is now being applied to my emails. I
use the followings:

For business
Yours faithfully

For personal
Yours truly

Yours sincerely

I use ‘Thanks and best regards’ all the time at the end of my letters
or emails, unless it is one of those to the government department in
which I have to make a formal complaint about a noise pollution in my

Best regards

Yours sincerely
Hanifa K. Cook

I actually do not think  “Best regards”, “Thanks and best regards” or “Regards” to be email closing statements. But I recently discovered myself using it in a recent email.

Can anyone suggest some less common email closing statements?