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These two videos against racism in Petronas, Malaysia are not new. It is not unusual for Asians to talk about race publicly. But it has become very difficult to raise awareness against racism, the discrimination amongst races. So when you have kids to talk to us about what race means, you will soon realise that it is word that does not benefit anyone except for those who choose to use it as an attachment.

When it comes to relationships, children are quite candid with announcing who they do or don’t like. Don’t take it seriously. If a child doesn’t seem to enjoy being around you, it may not be entirely your fault. Kindergarten teachers spend years polishing their skills in the classrooms to get children to like them. Not every child can be won over easily to you. They have a white canvas in their hearts and minds. Any image they add to this white canvas is easily erased within seconds at will or on impulse. But do not take this lightly as images that are erased do not necessarily go away completely. So it is very important to know what to say to kids if you want to give a good impression of yourself.