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When should you start worrying about your child’s education?

The word education means a lot to every parent but each holds his or her own definition of this word.if you define education as the level of achievement, you may not be as pleased with the outcome Your kids have degrees but they cannot get jobs. Then you worry if they will ever be able to settle their education loan or buy a house.

How can you get the most out of education? How do you value education? What have you told yourself about the value of education that you wish to pass on to your children? Do you wish education to help grow your career, family or friendship?

Your child will be able to visualise the future with clarity when you are able to connect these values with the experiences and life experiences as you raise your child. There is the simple phrase, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” So what we normally do when we are stressed out thinking of how to plan, we whip out a template from Google and start filling in all tasks to be completed You call it goal setting. I call it poor planning. Without knowing or understanding the value of education, you have no direction. Neither can you make any executive decisions for your children’s education?

So how do you see value in education?

How you do see the purpose of not littering, having a good breakfast or sleeping early before breakfast. Is it a benefit to you or to the people that you serve later on during the day.

What you value most for yourself serves your life purpose. Generally, we pass on these values because we have experienced the benefits from having practised them. Interestingly, when we are tested to compromise on our values, we will feel challenged to drop it altogether. For instance, you think it is important to forgive others. Then something happens to you or someone does something that hurt you so much, it is impossible to forget and even harder to forgive. How do you cope with this? Forgiveness is one of the highest forms of human value but yet you cannot come to terms with what has happened. You cannot forgive because you simply cannot forget.

What you value most for yourself serves your life purpose. If you cannot forgive, and yet you value forgiveness above everything else like compassion, you will have difficulty carrying on with life.

A value gives meaning to the purpose of an action or an intention. When the meaning is lost due to an unfortunate incident that has happened, the value diminishes.

Time and time again you may hear people say that there is no evidence that a degree will give a better job or go to a good school will increase your chance of having a better career. “‘No evidence’ that success at university is linked to achievement in professional assessments” so reads the tagline to this article. And we hear it a lot amongst ourselves. At work, the boss will tell the staff, ” I started off as a janitor. Then started to learn how to make money by selling ice cream.” So many successful people come up and admit they have failed in school. Why do they speak out only when they are successful? I have often wondered the same thing too. It is because people do not want to learn from high school or university dropouts. Education is the key to freedom. If you have failed in school, when will I ever be free by learning from you?

We don’t realise how we have made life more difficult for ourselves by split-shifting between values and standards. We wait till a so-called renowned international company to change their standards before we adjust our own standards and values. We are not convinced otherwise.

When should you worry about your child’s education?

Has your child stopped learning altogether or does not want to listen to your advice? No matter how long the journey is, if your child is willing to give the best effort, you are already seeing the value of education beyond the meaning you so place upon it.

你是怎么长大的?小时候, 只顾迈前走,看到梯子连忙要试试看怎么爬上去。跌倒后还继续走,累了还继续爬上下梯子。

除非你开始走,你永远会留在原位。成功的道路是自己创造的。成功是无目标,只有一点点的付出,积累起来,有不足之处,别小看自己,要多好奇, 认识自己, 每个人都有自己适合的位置。想要的,是你必须承担的后果。为何不选成功呢?