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If you want to learn to speak a foreign word, you must LISTEN FIRST. You must have a native speaker to help you to pronounce the word correctly but he is not your dictionary. You still have to do the work yourself. Listening is a very important part of your language development.

If you are self-learning from an online language website or have purchased a software, it would be great if it offers transliteration service or on-line community that encourages members to make contact easily. It may look something like this:

There is usually a little speaker symbol on the screen. If you click on the symbol, you will hear the recorded voice of the native speaker.


The most effective tool to use is to have a biological clock as our friendly reminder. We accelerate our learning process by applying more of our senses during the learning process.

So what we want is a method to recall our knowledge which can tick you brains and not become an added burden to your already hectic personal programmes. A passive reminder like a time table will get ignored after a period of time. A learning programme like language is not a “one-time I am done thing”. You need someone (like) your mum to nag at you but someone who does not turn you off, like a romantic love song, pretty eyes or sounds of beach surfs. Sights and sounds that you can carry with you all the time.

The answer for me is the mobile phone, ipaq, ipod or itouch. The reason these works is because the mobile phone has at least 4 basic features: alarm, calendar, notes, portability, dictionary, camera and most importantly a sound recording.

What you have to do is to enter the words you want to learn for a week and set the alarm to remind you to tune in to your word on the phone. Use a jingle or soft bell tone and set the alarm at your most convenient but focus time. The exercises that have been described only takes 2 minutes to practise.

One of the features you should have on your phone is a translation feature so you can immediately switch to the foreign language you want instantly. If you are committed to learning, you will start using the foreign word immediately. (Remember that you have chosen the words that are important to you. So it is only natural that you will get to use the word quite immediately.)

Replace the native word with the non-native word each day until you complete the entire set.

1. enter the native word
2. replace each native word with the non-native word
3. your must record YOUR own voice on the phone
4. set the alarm
5. keep replacing texts until all are translated and recorded.

Check out the product below, you should be able to see that they have the transliterator service embedded on the software. Use the mobile phone as an added tool.