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Whenever we learn something new, using the foundation learning skills in childhood is always the most effective. We must approach it without fear, apprehension and worries. Unleash your speech potentials, irregardless of what language you are pursuing.

Here are 5 simple steps to slash your time and money to get started:

Use simple tools like pen and notebook, you do not need the computer or books for this one. These steps are proven effective irregardless of what kind of alien language you are learning and which alien planet you are in. Still doubtful, still hesitant? Then you will be set to waste a lot of time and money on courses, books and hours of independent study to express your first few sentences in foreign language. You can always buy many books, but with language, it is all about getting intimate with the subject of your own expression. Know what you want to say first, not howto say it. Still here? Good, let’s carry on.

Step 1: See 5 Things From Your Head

Morning is the best time of the day; your head is clear (unless you are having a hangover) and your mind is ready to absorb images and thoughts the world presents. Just look at a child; they do not anticipate the world, they have no plans or schedule done the day or week before to wake up to. Children have no chores.

The best chef and most creative people in the world -painters, singers, stuntman, designers of fashion and buildings, writers – do not have a step by step guide in front of them. My mum cooks without a recipe and she is now 80 years, still strong. The term we use these days is passion. I just call it Childhood recipe.

Question: What are the first 5 things you see in the morning? Pillows, blue sky, your spouse, your child, your television. These are incorrect answers.

The worst mistake that a new language learner always make is to say what they see.

The 5 things you see in the morning are not the materials things around you but they are the 5 words that come to your head when you open your eyes: sore – hello – boy – dream – late! FOR Work – lottery ticket – shop – shoes – truck – butter – kiss – drink – sweep – party. Remember how your bad tummy feels when you wake and you instanly think of the dinner you had the night before? The strongest words you would utter when you first wake up.

Step 2: Write The 5 Words You See

Write those 5 words down immediately.

This is your memory bank coming to surface in your brain. Write it down. You will discover the words are random without structure. But it tells you what have gone in your head the day before or what matters most to you today, yesterday and the rest of the day.

Step 3: Match 5 Words With 5 Concrete Objects.

The next thing is to see the words in your head.

Since you have written down the words, it is of course easy. But do you see the words around you in the form of action, material things and in other written form? (Do not use the computer for this. That is just the easy way out.)

Now start matching the 5 words with things around you. These things are concrete materials. What you have done is to make concrete the words your have just written down. (If you can’t find the things, like the bottle of soda you just thrown out last night, you can draw it out.)

Step 4: Say it in your native language.

Now instead of remembering the words on the list, look at the concrete objects and say it in your native tongue. Now throw the paper away. Use this sentence to teach yourself the words: “This is ………..” Do not add any article ‘a’, ‘the’ or ‘and ‘d’ before the word” You do not want the structure, just the word.

Step 5: Say it in your favourite language.

Next use the translator to replace the word with the non-native word. Write it down like so.

This is spoon (native) becomes This is ’sudu’ (non-native equivalent). This is politics (native) becomes This is ‘politik’ (non-native equivalent).

Do not worry about making up a sentence.

These step by step method takes all but the bank of words already in your brains to translate into any language you want. You got it, just use images that are already stored in your head, turn into words, find the concrete image, translate it into the foreign word. No dictionary, no translator, simple easy beginning steps. Go ahead try it out today and practise, practise, practise.