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Be proud of your sons and daughters. If you let pride gets to you, you will lose them easily to the vices , things you never would have imagined will befall your life. Three important tips on letting go of your pride to gain self-control and earn your total respect from your children.

Let Go Of Control 

The hardest thing to do is to let go of control. Don’t shout at them to control them. Speak to them gently. If you’re angry, take a seat. Call them to you, and start talking. The anger might have come from somewhere else. Lack of attention from your spouse, no income, fatigue and lack of sleep. It is never your sons and daughters, never.

Never Lay Your Hands On Your Children

Your sons and daughters. You will never lay your hands on them, you love them too much to hurt them. If you are angry, there is something else that bothers you. Try this. Before you raise your voice at your son or daughter, hug them. The instant your bodies come in contact, the spirit rejoices and the soul is free. Before someone else takes away your space to become their spouse, make sure that they are filled with your care and love. That is their fall back. They will pray for you when they are not with you.

Do Not Shout At Them. Instead Try Whispering. 

Beware of desensitizing your children with harsh words, scoldings and shouts. People say , it’s a cruel world. If you don’t teach them, they are going to be bullied out there. Then ask yourself. Will you want your sons and daughters to be overpowered by an insensitive bully? Then teach them compassion and empathy. You are bullying your children and they will do that to others, if not now, later. Teach them to walk away from trouble. If they want to help, be proud of them for showing empathy and compassion. Then tell them, you’re not ready yet. Send the trouble to those who can. The Teachers, principals, head masters. The adults. We always say…report to the teacher. It’s not a report. You are sending the trouble away so your children won’t get into trouble with trouble.

Keep peace .