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Dedicated to the late Mr Michael Jackson

When news of Michael Jackson’s death was broadcast, I could not believe what I heard. I know that name, Michael Jackson. He is the black guy whose records my brother had brought home when we are teenagers. At that time, our parents were confused and concerned over this newfound obsession with western music, song and dance. We were teenagers, my siblings and I; we understood the message in the music like Bad, Thriller and Heal The World. What I thought we were most connected to was neither his dancing nor singing; it was his music videos and concert performances.

Michael Jackson – Childhood, Genius

The story of Michael Jackson’s (his Muslim name is “Mikaeel”) childhood touches me most. I published news of his auction in Feb 2009. Then I wrote: “We all know how childhood will affect the way we carry ourselves during adulthood, but none...

World Voice Day 2009

I want to talk about our special gift, the voice because today, April 16 is World Voice Day. Celine Dion has a voice doctor; David Beckham’s legs have his legs insured. Other people who do not own their bodies have vested interests in protecting and maintaining...