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A Demonstration Of Resilience, Not Intelligence

When a child fails to produce good results, it is but a demonstration of her/his inability to engage with her/his environment using her/his natural potential. To say that the child is not intelligent is daylight robbery of her/his personal dignity. Even the humblest of creatures can show signs of intelligence. (Maria Montessori, the Absorbent Mind.)

World Voice Day 2009

I want to talk about our special gift, the voice because today, April 16 is World Voice Day. Celine Dion has a voice doctor; David Beckham’s legs have his legs insured. Other people who do not own their bodies have vested interests in protecting and maintaining...

Learn Modulation Of Language

There are a few techniques used by teachers, salespersons, actors, actresses, news presenters and singers to make their performance interesting to their listeners, viewers or audience. It is the way they give pitch to their voice and intonate their speeches that makes...