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The day has arrived finally. I am off with the family for our summer holidays in Australia. Setting off from home very soon as I write this post. We will be boarding on SIA A380 Airbus. Woohoo! Now don’t get all jealous on me now. We worked hard all year.

Will keep you posted of the journey from the land down under.

From October 2008, electronic travel authority or eta from Singapore to Australia will be subjected to $16/- surcharge. So when I saw my eta is to expire on 2nd January 2009 last night, I had a big scare. So we did a few checks on the internet, and was pleased to informed that the as long as journey is taken before 1 Jan 2009, I am cleared to enter Autralia.

I have to get packing now. Will be writing to you from the land down under. No problem with languages in Aussie, as everybody speaks English.

Oh by the way, l did learn a few more English slangs last week:

– mug shot

– crank up some work.

Well, I told him a saw his picture. His reply was: “Oh didn’t want to scare you with my mug shot.”

I said, “Oh, I did not notice any mug.”

He loved, ” I mean my photograph. Lol.”

Ha, ha, it was funny. Well there, you think you know English, until to start to speak with people who speaks in slangs.