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My daughter has her own ideas of recycling materials. It began with her dad asking her to cut empty cereal boxes to keep his CD cases. One day, as I was cleaning the bookshelves, I realised the weight of the cd cases held inside these empty cereal boxes were keeping the other books upright. In other words, they are great of bookends as well. So I started using all empty cereal boxes to hold books that are thin, small or just too light to stay upright on their own.

Empty Cereal Boxes As Bookcases.

Whenever we have empty cereal boxes, the first thing I do is to cut two faces (front and back) diagonally half way towards one end. That is all you need to do to start reusing them. You can also label these boxes at the front to organise them according to your preference.


Place the bookcases horizontally. You instantly have space above for more things to sit on and pulling things out of the bookcases are so much easier too.

There are enough space at the front of my cupboard to stack more books along the entire row. The files are hardly used so I decided to place them at the back but always in full view.

What will you kids learn from this simple exercise?

1. Reusing

2. Recycling

3. Oganising

4. Labeling

5, Writing

6. Reading

7. Sorting

8. Ordering

9. Stacking

10. Sequencing

11. Sizing

12. Visualising

13. Memory

14. Painting

16. Cutting

Plus these materials are non-hazardous. I have cereal boxes that have been kept for more 5 years in the cupboard. They still feel and look brand new. No more thinking of spending another cent on buying bookcases that are made of cheap plastic. They are heavy as soon as you add weight. The edges are rough too. It is an inexpensive method of reusing your materials at home. Go ahead, save more money and save the earth. Reuse those cereal boxes as bookcases today!