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With a little bit of help to clarify your doubts, you can be more calm and confident when you make decisions for your child.

Always have faith that you are guided to love your child better, therein you will grow stronger and be successful.

I’ve had comments that this takes too much time. There’s no money in this.
My response: What you don’t see, you cannot get.

“Parenting” is too wide a subject in which to invest time and effort.
My response: The world is big, discover it.

You’re too generous, what will you earn?
My response: A lot and more than I can imagine.

What’s your goal?
My response: Like everyone else, to have a better life and wake up every day knowing I have done something about it.

Be a parent by choice. Taking short cuts means your children will be picking up your loose ends.

Who Should Read This Book? Parents and caregivers who

# need inspiration and motivation
# want a meaningful and memorable journey
# believe in creating positive relationships and supporting great childhood memories.

No other person is better at creating childhood memories for your kids and live a
beautiful life more than the parent. Support your health, wealth and kids’ education,
empower yourself.

Reviewed by Teresa L. Holmes, Founder & Executive Director, Bounce Back DNA Movement.

“Parenting Inspired, Follow The Path, Where The Child Loves To Grow” is a well-defined book for parents, grandparents, and people working with children in any capacity. From the beginning, it brings back memories of my childhood and reminds me how instrumental they are in moulding and shaping my adult life.

“Early Independence Starts at Home” is one of the sections that grabbed me as I read this book. I realised the massive truth in it, as I reminisced my coaching practice and the clients whom I had served. So many “dependent” children have already grown into “dependent” adults, acting and performing inefficiently, yet remaining hesitant to examine their childhood to get to the root of the issues.

The book provides a much needed critical look at childhood and parenthood, in a modernised style. Many modern readers love to know the writer’s personal experiences for further knowledge whilst completing some activities to feel connected. Hanifa has risen to the challenge and captured this wisdom skillfully and in an unpretentious style. Her book provides the valuable and absorbing window to reflect and engage the power of communication through listening and speaking. Teresa L. Holmes, Founder & Executive Director, Bounce Back DNA Movement.


Foreword by Sani Hamid, Director, Wealth Management in Financial Alliance and Review by Teresa L. Holmes, Founder and Chief Executive, Bounce Back DNA.


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