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  • The art of writing on a grain of rice is said to have originated from Turkey. The name is inscribed on a grain of rice with a simple device and waterproof ink. The lady who did it for my child was not an artist. I was watching her when she did this for us. Her fingers held the device in a pincer grip method, the muscular control of her fingers was incredible. She was not using a magnifying glass. It took her no time at all to finish writing on it. It cost us only $1.50/-.
  • As I looked at it again today. The words from Maria Montessori came to my mind.

“The hand is the intelligence of the mind.” The Absorbent Mind.

  • If I try to write with a pen or pencil these days, my fingers are feeble and tremble as I try to organize the position of ink on paper. It is very demoralizing because I seem to have lost control of my own muscles. I am envious of the legible handwritings of many simpler people around the world I have come across. For instance, at most hospitals of Jakarta and India, the front desk services are still so simple that every patient’s personal details are handwritten. Their handwritings are so neat and tidy.