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Childhood Lessons:

Do you claim you know things when you do not?

Do you have to hide behind a curtain of ignorance to be accepted by your community?

Do you state “I know it too” or “everybody knows it” when in actual fact you know nothing?

Do you pretend to know things?

Knowledge from the environment comes to us with images of words and actions, yet there is nothing in the environment unfortunately that can teach us about relationships between things: people create that relationships base on their perceptions of those information.

A child is not idealistic but at the same time, they seem perfectly harmonious with the relationships between things:

1. When they do not know something, they say they don’t

2. When they do not want something, they say they won’t

They do not pretend to know things, or boast that they know. People who understand the creation of knowledge in childhood absorb and deliver knowledge back to their environment in real and natural terms.

Children know more than they say; some adults seem to say more than they know.

This video is all about the adult who says more than he knows. It is embarrassing to be caught not knowing or not able to tell what he may know.