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“It takes 20 years to make an overnight success.” ~ Eddie Cantor

Imagine! That was how long it took for Pokémon to become an overnight success. 

I am using the above quote for today’s blog. Take twenty years off to spend with your child until he or she is independent. Many modern parents wish this time could be lesser, 18 years perhaps. Well, don’t bet on it! You aren’t going to see success. On independence day, the best and not the least you will have is a beautiful, loving and kind child. Provided you ‪#‎followthechild‬ for at least 18 years. 

The child has to discover his or her success.

In the 18 to 20 years that you spend time with your child, you may find yourself thinking how much you could have achieved or accomplished if you had time yourself. Many parents feel the same way about themselves. This is because all you ever thought of is for your children.

Here are a few ways you can prepare yourself for future success.

1. Stop seeing money as the means to an end. Period. Money pays for things excluding the time you would have had with your child. The hugs, kisses, words of encouragement and wisdom and spending time chatting, aren’t stuff for the nanny, school teachers and grandparents to handle. Your children need your presence.

2. Understand that child caring is for the long-term benefit of both parties. Your child will be yours. So why should we be in such a hurry to see your child grow up? The time you have with your children will result in lesser time they need from you when they leave your side. You will free to pursue your dreams at your leisure and with full of confidence. 

3. Upgrade your skills as much as you can. One of the hallmarks of a good parenting is that parents place greater value on education than career or business development. If you value parenting,  you will value education. Find new ways to teach old skills. Can you bake, cook, sew, repair and restore old furniture? “The hands are the intelligence of your mind.” Maria Montessori. Keep yourself busy learning how to do things better. 

4. Learn to multitask. It may surprise you at how adept you are with doing a few things simultaneously. As you get busy with your children, subconsciously you will think for yourself. When should you go to bed? What do you want to eat? How are you supposed to wash your hair? These are subconscious thoughts that play in your mind and pushing you to think faster and harder for your children.  These thoughts are there to remind you that you can expand your mind and are capable of solving problems. You are better than you think. You can multi-task.

5. Learn to laugh at yourself. We stop loving ourselves when we see failures as a barrier to our success. Many people are unaware of how to laugh at your own mistakes. Do you know what you want to do in life or what you need to do to get there? If you are working every day to earn your keep and have yet to find something meaningful from all that effort, chances are you will end up feeling unhappy. You seem to have money but you cannot laugh as much. What’s the point?

6. What matters most is how much love you put into that time. People have fond memories of you, years after they have separated from you. How is that possible? The reason is you did spend time with them, you were sincere and loving. You leave feeling loved in return. What is giving love? If you are a mother, be motherly. If you are a friend, be friendly. If you are a teacher, be caring. Say words that evoke positive emotions and thoughts. Prepare ways to ease your negative emotions and thoughts. Go to number 3 above. Make a list of things you want to do to upgrade your life skills. 

Parenting lesson

Grow because you love growth for yourself. So your children may see you as part of their lives. – Hanifa K. Cook

When you have a child, you will grow for at least 18 years. So here is to Pokemon. It celebrates its twenty years anniversary this month. Happy Anniversary. You have come a long way to find success.