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As of today, I have written more than 200 posts on this website. I feel that is an accomplishment for someone who is not sure how to get started with expressing herself online. The internet is a very big ‘place’ , a virtual environment that seems to behave like the roots of growing tree. It continues to loosen the soils from underneath its trunk, going beyond its hub station, sometimes pushing the brick kerb out of its path to get to the next location.

There are many posts that are still relevant to many subjects (no just languages) that I undertake to learn or teach. With regards to learning a language , I have compiled the posts that will help you get started into a segment called Discovery and Orientation, just in case you are not sure where to start looking, here are 4 posts.

Segment : Discovery and Orientation

Discover Your Learning Style

How Do Children Construct Knowledge?

Tips On How To Start Speaking A New Language Instantly

7 Tips On How To Learn A Language Naturally

I realise that blogging is like writing a poem or composing a song. There is no end to how deep or vast you want to stretch your topic.  And writing while you are taking on a learning journey means there is no structure or curriculum to follow. The ideas do not have to follow any rule or norm of thinking. But with more than 200 posts and 45 years of experience, the next best thing for me is to compile these thoughts into a book.  It was already a task post dated to a later time.  After writing Milestone (Part 1), that time is now. So here goes….