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There is not a single action in life that does not require the use of language. Whether it is online using google, facebook or offline selling, buying, writing complaints and making proposals, language is THE tool for communication. 

In order to be good at a language, you need to know your subject (that is the language) AND possess the skill at using it.  There are people who do not speak up for fear of being misunderstood. There are also people who constantly speak up for fear of not being heard.

And guess what? When someone is going to hurt you like rape or punch you on the face, would you still thinking your language qualification will save you? NO. The fear of expressing oneself has nothing to do with the ability to speak a language well. It has everything to do with:

1. knowing what to do with the language you can already speak,

2. what to do with the skills you already have to start learning a new language and

3. what to do with the resources to augment your quest for success.

Success With Languages is about conquering the fear of using a language. What is the use of your language if you could not ask directions when you are lost ?

I have been blogging for over 3 years.  As they say in the blogosphere,  content is king. Without content, the search engine has nothing to match against the keyword phrases that users type on their browser. Fortunately, ideas keep oozing out of my mind so it has not been difficult for me to create content. Sometimes, I get so excited with just a few phrases, I become incredibly restless.

In the words of my own daughter, “I did my Maths questions FEARLESSLY.” Her fears for Mathematics is caused by her own lack of self-confidence. It took a few weeks of targeted practice and several hours of motivational talks to help her gain the confidence to face the challenge of solving problems. She has a favourite joke, “Why does the Maths book always feel and look so sad? Because it has a lot of problems.”

The tagline of the website has changed a few times already. When I first started blogging, there was only one result for the keyword ‘childhoodspeech’ or ‘childhood speech’. This is the one you are reading now.

You may have read that Google is using a new method called Google Panda 🙂 that put low quality websites into the sandbox longer or away forever. I am not sure about the jargon used but I know people are constantly looking to succeed with languages because I am still right there on the first page of Google and Bing in my category. So it is, “Success With Languages” shall prevail.