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All the characteristics modulations of languages are best acquired at a young age, preferably under the age of 7 years. It becomes clear to most adults who are learning a foreign language that they are carrying the imperfections characteristics of his native language or mother tongue. So how are you able to help yourself succeed in learning something new when all theories and argument of languages seem to point a fact, it is better to start learning when we are young?

We can revisit our inner voice, the inner child and use the same natural powers endowed upon us since our birth for our continued growth.

We have taught ourselves to walk, talk, sit, crawl, turn, jump and skip for more than 6 years without proper training. If you revisit those moments, you would probably not even remember the steps of how it had happened. What happened was that the child’s growth was intuitive. If there is some sort handicap, the child knew how to ignore it and use only the limbs, organs or senses that were usable.

Just as we had corrected ourselves when we tried to take our first few steps as a toddler or grip a pencil at 2 years old, we have power to authorize this highly intuitive child to help us learn again. We are capable of correcting our imperfections which we carry into our adulthood by using this intuitive learning process.

All kinds of movement we have ever learnt was performed first by the child, before the adult comes along and decides to speed up the learning process by all sorts of theories and new practices: accelerated learning, mindchamp or quantum learning. Call it what you like, but there is always such a thing called “Go back to basics”, especially when the spiraling effect of speed learning or leap learning is beyond reach or becomes confusing.

You may be interested to know that many religious converts who embrace a new religion as an adult has got to learn the scriptures in whatever language they are given. How is it that a Westerner like Cat Steven could suddenly say a few prayers in Arabic when all his life, he only sings and speaks in English? How is it possible that millions of people who do not speak Hindi love to watch Hindi movie and then sing in the same Hindi language? Or a Malay person speaking Japanese and singing in Tagalog?

School cannot teach you how talent come into being, because the power to perform such as speaking and singing in a foreign language, do not come from books, but from the inner teacher inside us. This inner teacher is the child who was once the master of your body. He has learned to walk, jump, sit, talk and swim. Be free, usher out the child, your inner teacher, and let yourself dance to the rhythm of your childhood. It is not a crazy idea. It is the best yet.