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This is a slide presentation I did at a preview talk with Business Passion Alliance. The session was about using Mandarin to increase business opportunities. I have to start with talking about the importance of learning Mandarin. The most important element is not to think that Mandarin has to do with Chinese people. As a language, it is to be studied and applied purely for the sake of communicating with other people who can speak this language.

Yesterday, I had to send my daughter to the clinic as she was down with fever. The lady doctor was an Indian, I think she is Punjabi. We barely sat in her office for 20 seconds when a lady peeped through the door, holding a medical record in her hand. She waited as if to check if the lady doctor was busy. The doctor nodded approvingly to gesture her to enter. And guess what? They both spoke in Mandarin to each other! I had to admit I was more than excited, I was delirious. Just the day before that, I spoke to a group of 8 entrepreneurs about Using Mandarin To Increase Business Opportunities. I did manage to convince them with facts and information, some of which are given in the slides below. But to see it happening right in front of my eyes how an Indian doctor spoke Mandarin to a Chinese patient, just makes me so proud. I am so proud that despite how hard it might seem to many people, it is used in special circumstances.

Before we left, I had to praise the doctor for using Mandarin in her job. She said, “Ya lah, must survive.” Survive!!! Woah. It is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

So here it is, the slides I have shown about the Importance Of Learning Mandarin.