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A lady rushed up to us as we were leaving the restaurant after dinner. She said in a hurried but soft voice, “I came late. Pay me anything (amount).”

I felt a rush of adrenalin when I heard those words. Have you been there before? Have you ever been late before in your life? I have. I was late for work, late for school, late to hand in my assignment and later, I was late for marriage. However, no matter how many times we have been late, we always plead for a chance to be accepted. We further ask for an understanding, more than anything else.

We had a sumptuous dinner. The company was great. And it was a birthday treat from my sister. When I heard the lady said, “I came late.” my heart melted.  I stopped and handed $2/- to this lady who said, “I came late.”

People appear in your life to test your understanding of you life. How you change your life is by reflecting and responding to these people whom you have met before. Sometimes they are also people you deal with every day. You cannot change a person’s life with just $2/- but it will change yours. Donate to your childhood to boost your life in adulthood.