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12132485_1649509258666352_7505943995951110270_oWere you a child ? Yes, I was.

Have you hurt yourself as child? I was playing catching with my siblings and neighbours. Our playground were made of concrete and sand. The slides are made of concrete, smooth concrete slide. Everything there is natural. The see saw was made of real metal and a great wooden plank. It was one giant obstacle course. I fell down hard on the ground and a small pebble stone hit my left shin and got stuck in it. I saw my flesh after rubbing the stone off. The skin was ripped apart. The flesh turned from white to red. Then I started to cry.

When I was well again, I went back to the same playground again. The joy of playing was better than the pain I had felt. I was a child.

I can see the scar. There was pain but I laughed at the way I cried. I sat down on the ground and cried out like little Tarzan. The whole neighborhood must have heard me. My late aunt (bless her soul) carried me home. Then she nursed me.

That was me. I did things that would hurt me. But I was a child.

Have you hurt yourself as a child? Have you hurt while you were playing. If you had been injured while playing as a child, remember you had the most wonderful childhood. Because you were playing.