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Google have done it again. Each time I open gmail account, I notice google keeps telling me, “Hey! We are out here talking to you.” The first new change was the smilies. You know the small tiny square faced icons that you can put on our messages to express they way you feel as you write? I think this is very good, because sometimes, people tend to read between the lines and may have to guess how you feel at the time. Most emails are not written to impress but express, so what better way to express than with smilies.

Today, another new development popped out on my gmail. New! Video chat. Will you ever want skype after this? It depends. Skype offers free talktime if both parties have it installed on the pc. And briliantly, you can chat, type and watch your friend as they talk to you. That is already wonderful. Now Serge, who has helped developed Google Video Chat from Sweden is telling us we can do the same on your gmail.

Google Trends

There is Google Trends and then there is Google Flu Trends. These people do not stop working! Like Google Trends, Flu Trends track searches that relate to keyword phrases related to flu. This service is available to the entire US of America. There is even a flu shot locator index. How cool is that for holiday makers? Check it out.

Enter your search word “google flu trends” or “google login” (inlcude the paranthese, “-“); if you do not have a gmail account, you can easily sign up for free.