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What keeps you up at night?

Words? Even if they are unsaid. Something read, something heard.

Sudden noise that cuts through the silence.

Images seen or imagined.


The only thing that should keep you up at night is#gratitude , #shukor or #感恩. I do not agree with the idea that when you know your true vision and purpose, you will be kept awake by these visions. It should 💖excite you enough to kindle the spark for you to get creative. You are ready to solve problems, make plans and organise your work.


Back in the days when we don’t know how to build cities, we were building communities and fostering relationships.

Back in the days when we cooked with charcoal, we took the time to prepare our meals. We set the table and eat at the table. We washed up and sat down again before bedtime.

I think it’s still possible to live simply and slow down while we are home. My husband and daughter will ask if I need a drink of tea or coffee. I will ask them the same. I still hug my daughter before she sleeps. Our regular past time, a simple ice cream dessert.

If you’re getting up every day to be successful every day, you’ll wear out the rest of your family members. Each member is going through life differently every day.

Here’s what you can do to have a balanced lifestyle. Start by fostering a simple exchange of favours at home. If you know your child has packed up his toys, return his favour by cleaning his cupboard or fix his favourite bicycle.

You do not have to introduce a reward – punishment system. A family is not made up of people with a common goal or purpose. It is started by a couple with loving hearts.

In a family, most things are shared so you can hardly think of rewards. Besides, when you start rewarding, guess what? The next thing to come is punishment. Who bought the Nintendo? You did. Who tells the kid not to spend time on the Nintendo? You do. Where there’s reward, make sure it’s not attached to anything that needs your constant inspection. You don’t want to start imposing rules on how to use these rewards. It totally defeats the whole process of fostering growth.

Gratitude can be fostered at home. Do a favour for a member of your family. Make a cup of tea or ☕.

I know how some people literally don’t lift a muscle at home to do anything. If you live with one, you can try teaching them to clean up after themselves. For instance, replace their toothbrushes every 3 months. And tell them you did it as a favour. Then they should do it themselves later on. Small favours can lead to a great positive return of gratitude.