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cropped-cropped-Banner1.jpgDear Worried Parents,

There’s a period in my daughter’s childhood that I love most. It is the first 6 years. It passed by so quickly but for me it was the time when I discovered I could teach. Maybe she is a good student but she has failed a few tests. Maybe I do have the passion to teach but I have to learn the new ways of teaching. I had to teach in 3 different places in order to keep her in school. Taught Mandarin for a year when she was 3 years old, taught English for two years and then Mandarin again for another year. The kindergartens overseas charge USD for foreigners. You don’t get to go to public schools. That’s why we decided to be in Singapore again so she could join the public school system.

She had to change 3 schools because we had to move houses. School is her favourite place. So that really helps us when we decided to buy a flat. She passed her PSLE and is doing just fine. I know how expensive and difficult it is to have good basic and primary education overseas. Why don’t we go back to Australia ? Would it make my life easier? Maybe. But she won’t be as grounded as a born half Asian Muslim. You have to be immersed in a culture to know the culture. Different environment, different lessons.

I don’t complain when I had to go back and study again because all I want is for her to stay in school and for us to stay healthy and safe.

When I look back to the first 6 years and the last 6 years, I can truly tell you this. #followthechild  You’ll be blessed. You will discover what you can do with your life, you won’t waste anymore time complaining about not having enough. You do have enough. You need to use what’s already there.


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