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Whitepaper: Free Download

When I wrote my first whitepaper a few months ago, I could not think of a better topic to write about than this one …. about how to raise a kid to learn 3 languages before the age of 6 years old. I was there for the first 6 years of my child’s life. I had sleepless nights, irregular meals and many sick days. I felt unfulfilled for many years; I worried, questioned and sought answers to my questions.

When I look back 10 years down that road I have traveled, I am truly at peace with that journey. I did raise a 10-year-old kid to speak 3 languages before she turned 6 years old. Similar stories have been told by many parents who share the same interest in raising their kids to speak more than 2 languages. When parenting is involved in developing a child’s studying process, the subject matter becomes closer and more personal. Consequently, my whitepaper covers 5 questions, which I called “My 5 Big Questions”:

  1. Can I provide for my child to learn more than one language?
  2. Is my child capable of learning a new language?
  3. What language should I speak to my pre-school child, if I know more than one language?
  4. Does my child grow up on her own?
  5. How does my child construct knowledge?

The way that I learned about these steps was to keep asking many questions. I have presented these steps as 5 answered questions. Therefore, I hope it will enlighten you to understand more about raising your child as a multilingual speaker as well.

Like any dedicated discipline, there is investment of time, money and effort to achieve your goals. It is in many ways a sacrifice because those who desire the tools and foundations of knowledge must undertake further education and forgo sleep, regular meals and career, just so their children can be provided for at the level to challenge their abilities. It maybe subjective to individual opinion whether the effort is an investment or a sacrifice, but all parents should agree; we desire the best for our kids. Regardless of your rationale, I applaud you, as a parent, for your courage and dedication on embarking on this challenge.

So here it is. Download it for free, read and send me your comments.