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I received this through a friend. It might not be the appropriate post for kids, but for the parents who are reading this blog, I am certain this is one of those things in your life you can live with or without.


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Subject: FW: Finish things you start

I’m passing this on because it worked for me today.

A Dr. on TV said to have inner peace we should always finish things
we start & we all could use more calm in our lives.

I looked around my house to find things I’d started & hadn’t finished, so I
finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys,
a butle of wum, tha mainder of Valiuminun scriptins, an a box a chocletz.

Yu haf no idr how fablus I feel rite now.

Shed this to all who need inner piss.

An telum u luvum