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These are #childhoodspeech favourite practical housekeeping tips in 2014 that not only keep your home neat, tidy and organised but it saves you time and money. So you can enjoy your space at home.


1. I have been reusing cereal boxes since 2008, these cereal boxes last forever! Read more here.

Filing sytem

2. I have been folding my clothings, especially t-shirts in the fastest way possible. Yet the cupboard is well organised and tidy all the time. This is the video that inspired me to do so just that. However, I decided also to fold it twice as the shirt folded in this method ends up unfolding itself when you carry them up with one hand.



3.  I made my duvet this on my own, using the burrito method. Some says it is hard to do it this way but I tried it once on my own. It is easier if you have been working hard and your shoulders are aching.


4. Taking Your Eraser From The Mechanical Pencil (Not suitable for kids under 7 years old)



5. Turning your coffee table to a portable one by placing wheels under them. In our case, this coffee table is so heavy as it is made of teakwood, I decided to add wheels on each leg so the table is easily moved.